´Innovative´ Diference In Pronunciation

Did you know that this word is pronounced differently in UK vs USA? Yes, in the USA the pronunciation stresses the first syllable, versus in the UK where the stress is spread throughout the word. Check it out. Hear the difference here.     Занятия английским с преподавателями-носителями языка 24/7 где и когда захотите Повысьте уровень … More ´Innovative´ Diference In Pronunciation

How To Use ´Like´ in English

The word “like” has a pleasant sound and has many uses in conversation. When you say that you like something, it means you enjoy it. For example, “I like coffee more than I like tea”. Like can also be used to show similarity between things: “This cola tastes like Coke Zero”. This word is also used to indicate preference:  “I would like to … More How To Use ´Like´ in English

изучение английского языка в скайпе с носителями

Информация на русском языке Занятия английским Научиться говорить на английском с преподавателями носителями языка Занятия иностранными языками http://www.telephoneteacher.net/ru Индивидуальные и корпоративные занятия с преподавателями – носителями языка. t.t.® – Ваш преподаватель в любое время и в любом месте.Занятия с носителями языка или билингвами, специализирующимися в дистанционном обучении. Занятие по Skype™ & Занятия по телефону Вы заговорите на … More изучение английского языка в скайпе с носителями

How to Use: Something, Anything, Nothing.

Cómo usar: Something, Anything, Nothing….. Publicado el enero 5, 2017 por telephoneteacher Something, Anything, Nothing…. I quite often encounter some confusion in the usage of these three words;  they are sometimes used in place of one another.  For some clarity, here are the definitions with some examples of correct usage. Something:  (sŭm′thĭng)  pron.  1. An unspecified thing:  ‘Did … More How to Use: Something, Anything, Nothing.

Empower Yourself With Adjectives

Publicado el febrero 9, 2017 por telephoneteacher By Maggie Telephone Teacher Since 2012 Maggie Who are you, and what words best describe you? When people are called upon to describe themselves, it often causes them to hesitate. The most familiar scenario whereby you will be asked to describe yourself is in a job interview, but there are other occasions, … More Empower Yourself With Adjectives

What is the shortest word in the English language that contains the letters: abcdef?

Answer: Feedback. Don’t forget that feedback is one of the essential elements of good communication.” Author Unknown Do you really, really, really want to learn to speak English? Call www.telephoneteacher.es to 911 014 146 and test your English level free. Call now and speak with a native teacher. Why wait? Prepararme para el examen oral en ingles con … More What is the shortest word in the English language that contains the letters: abcdef?

Phone Classes For Companies

Telephoneteacher offers language lessons by phone and skype™ to companies too. TRAINING FOR EMPLOYEES AND LINGUISTIC SOLUTIONS FOR COMPANIES Speak languages from the first class with native teachers. We specialize in meeting your linguistic training needs with time flexibility and individual one-on-one lessons according to the specific needs of each student. We have the guarantee and … More Phone Classes For Companies