The Key to Small Talk

The Key to Small Talk

Maggie Telephone Teacher Since 2012

 Small talk is a vital part of everyday life. It can cause a lot of anxiety, particularly for those with English as their second language.  Why should you master it?  Small talk is conversation we use for situations where remaining silent would be rude or awkward. Also, it is an excellent opportunity to practice your English!
We humans are social animals and the desire for interaction is strong. Small talk lets us “break the ice” with those around us and connect.  Sometimes this strong desire to connect makes us say or fear saying, the wrong thing.  Choose topics that are pleasant but not too personal; engaging but not controversial or offensive. A positive observation (“Isn’t it is a beautiful day?”) or sincere interest or compliment in a colleague (“How was your vacation? ¨(I enjoyed your presentation) are ideal. Don’t make negative personal observations or ask intrusive questions (“You look tired. “”How much was your bonus this year?”)

Waiting for the elevator or for a meeting to start, or attending a conference are all opportunities   to engage in small talk. Small talk or “chit chat” is the social glue that bonds our interaction with one another in a given situation. We have all experienced a time when we could think of nothing to say and felt self-conscious as a result. On the other hand, we have all felt a surge of confidence when such interactions go well.
Remember that you engage in small talk to make others (and yourself!) feel at ease. People won’t necessarily remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.  Don’t focus on yourself, or worry that your English level isn’t perfect.    Make eye contact and smile. Be vitally interested in the other person by asking thoughtful questions and listening intently to the responses.
The key to small talk is big listening! Break the ice with a positive observation or a sincere compliment. Ask questions in a way that will generate a response.  Sometimes you won’t get one, but that’s why you must strive to always listen carefully.  Your objective is to create a climate of positivity and as a result gain confidence with a challenging social situation. Small talk is the gateway through which all friendships arrive.

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